Meet Melissa Zinn: VNP’s Engine with a Green Thumb

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July 1, 2021 In April, Voters Not Politicians welcomed Melissa Zinn as our new Administrative Assistant. Melissa keeps the VNP team organized, informed and on time. She is the engine that makes our whole operation run smoothly. Though new to her role, Melissa has been a dedicated volunteer since 2017. She was inspired to get […]

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Candidates for State House Earn VoteSafe Approval

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With the onset of the novel coronavirus, our entire world was in a state of flux, and the work of Voters Not Politicians was immediately impacted. We saw, along with voting rights advocates nationwide, that during the COVID-19 pandemic, we would likely need all-hands-on-deck to take concerted action at the federal, state, and local levels […]

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How the Commission is Chosen

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Voters Not Politicians is a grassroots group who, in 2018, passed the constitutional amendment to take politicians out of the redistricting process and put the people in charge through an Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission. One of the founding principles of the Commission laid out in the policy is that the Commission is independent from partisan […]

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Redistricting Amendment Criteria

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The redistricting reform amendment includes a set of strict criteria to replace the loose guidelines that were previously followed by politicians. This set of criteria ensures that the Commission does not manipulate election map lines with partisan bias. Michigan voters deserve election maps that represent them, not politicians or special interests. The redistricting reform amendment […]

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